We are continuously developing to be a professional business partner for internal customers. Our history of continuous expansion through the years has proven that we are becoming a strong business partner. By providing high quality services, we aim at being one of the driving forces behind the process of standardization and centralization in Western Europe region. Originally Carlsberg Shared Services was created to provide accounting services, today it is also responsible for IT, Master Data, Procurement, Logistics, Planning and Financial Controlling across the Group in Europe. Every day Carlsberg Shared Services provides services for eighteen Carlsberg entities from eleven countries.

We have more than 350 employees, ranging from professionals to people taking their first steps in the business. Working in Carlsberg Shared Services provides an opportunity to get to know the beer industry, use SAP systems, work using international accounting standards (MSR/MSSF) on international projects.

Carlsberg Shared Services is growing and developing with Carlsberg Breweries, and it is our ambition to be a world class provider of business services. We aim that our high performing team is a key player in the region and delivers services with high quality at competitive unit costs.


History of Carlsberg Shared Services

The Carlsberg Group decided to create Carlsberg Shared Services in Poznań (Poland) in early 2006 and the first employees were hired in August that year.

On 1 November 2006, Carlsberg Shared Services started providing accounting services for Carlsberg Polska, covering the three processes of Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and General Accounting. These services were extended to Germany, Switzerland and UK in 2007, and to Denmark, Sweden and Norway in 2008. From June 2010 ASC started providing accounting services for Carlsberg Latvia, from January 2011 for Lithuania, from May 2011 for Estonia and from January 2013 for France.