3/12/2004 8:20 

Waking up to a new identity: within ten days of each other, Carlsberg Tetley in the UK and Panonska in Croatia changed their names to Carlsberg UK and Carlsberg Croatia.
For both companies, the decision to change names was made primarily to reflect their growing involvement and interaction with the wider Carlsberg Breweries Group.

"Greater alignment with Carlsberg Breweries has increasingly enabled us to tap into the resources and expertise of the Group. Changing our name to reflect our international parentage is a natural evolution for our business in the UK and underlines our determination to continue to drive the business forward," says Colin Povey, CEO of Carlsberg UK.
Jørn Pedersen, Managing Director of Carlsberg Croatia, said, "We have built on Panonska Pivovara's 30 years of tradition, expertise and quality until the next step in our brewery's evolution was to catch the green Carlsberg wave and call ourselves Carlsberg Croatia. We will have a name that clearly signals that the company is a part of the worldwide group."

Although it took months of planning, the change seemed to occur overnight for most employees at Carlsberg UK and Carlsberg Croatia. From one day to the next - 1 March in Croatia and 10 March in the UK -  the visual identity of their companies changed. Employees woke up to new signs, trucks, stationary, computer wallpaper and more bearing the new Carlsberg identity.

There are now eight breweries in the Carlsberg Group using 'Carlsberg' in their names.