3/18/2005 10:00 

2004 was a Carlsberg year if you ask beer enthusiasts in Denmark. Even though many new microbreweries are springing up all around Denmark, Carlsberg was victorious in the election among the members of Denmark's well-respected beer enthusiast union, Danske Ølentusiaster.

The union is the Danish equivalent of the UK based CAMRA organisation (Campaign for Real Ale). 

Mikkel Andersen, Marketing Manager at Carlsberg Denmark with one of the two awards granted to Carlsberg.

The awards were based on a democratic election among the more than 12,000 members of the beer enthusiast union and more than 94 new beers participated this year, which is the highest number ever.

Carlsberg received the award for the Brewery of the Year and for the New Beer of the Year. The Brewery of the Year award was given to the brewery which gained the most votes in total for all its new beers and Carlsberg won 22% of all the votes. 

The success was secured by Carlsberg's development of three highly successful beers in 2004; Carlsberg Crown, Semper Ardens First Gold India Pale Ale and Semper Ardens Christmas Ale.

Carlsberg Crown
Carlsberg Crown was launched in spring 2004 to celebrate the marriage between the Danish Crown Prince Frederik and Tasmanian Mary Donaldson.

Carlsberg Crown was an elegant 'champagne beer' with a refreshing and sparkling appearance with an alcohol content of 6.5%. It was brewed on Danish barley and Tasmanian hops and was presented as a Danish-Tasmanian love story.

Master Brewer Christian Luxhøj with Semper Ardens First Gold India Pale Ale.

First Gold IPA
Semper Ardens First Gold India Pale Ale was launched in July 2004 and is part of the Semper Ardens series of specialist beers.

The 6.5% top-fermented beer is Carlsberg's interpretation of the classic English style India Pale Ale. Christian Luxhøj is the brew master behind Semper Ardens First Gold India Pale Ale.

Semper Ardens Christmas Ale
Finally, Carlsberg has developed the highly successful Semper Ardens Christmas Ale, which was named the New Beer of the Year 2004. According to Morten Ibsen, the Master Brewer master behind Christmas Ale, the brew was a challenge against an ingrained Danish Christmas tradition: red wine for the Christmas dinner. "My declared goal was to get the Danes to drink beer instead of wine at Christmas," says Morten Ibsen.

"The production of Christmas Ale presented quite a challenge because the brew underwent a second fermentation. Also the cooperation with beer and food connoisseurs, who tested the beer several times to find the correct yeast, had an influence on the final result," adds Morten Ibsen.
Christmas Ale, won several prizes from newspapers in Denmark during the Christmas season, and was subsequently sold out.

Master Brewer Morten Ibsen, received the 'Best Brew of the Year' award for Semper Ardens Christmas Ale.