6/29/2009 14:45 

In July Carlsberg introduces Carlsberg Light in China. The new beer from Carlsberg is brewed with a taste profile that is appealing to the taste palette of Chinese consumers. Carlsberg Light contains 3.6% alcohol and is brewed by use of natural raw materials. Rice has been added to give a refreshing taste profile. Carlsberg Light is available in a 550ml premium Carlsberg embossed bottle and will be introduced initially in 3 provinces in West China – Yunnan, Yinchuan and Xinjiang.  

Currently the availability of European quality beers is relatively limited in China as a whole and especially in the West China regions and Carlsberg see this as a good opportunity to offer consumers a premium beer choice. Carlsberg believes the new beer will fill a gap in its current offer, especially with its availability in big bottles (quarts) for high quality Chinese restaurants.

"With this new launch we offer a product tailor-made for Chinese taste preferences. Carlsberg Light has a refreshing taste profile that does particular well in combination with food without taking away the characteristic flavours found in the Chinese kitchen. Also we have ensured a packaging format (550ml bottles) that fits well the typical Chinese way of sharing foods, drinks and enjoyable moments with friends/colleagues or business partners," says Jasmine Wei Marketing Director in China.

“Based on extensive consumer surveys in multiple provinces we have seen very positive results. We are confident that the commitment showed by our local Chinese partners and the increasing interest for Carlsberg beer will help secure a successful launch, ends Jasmine Wei.



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