8/19/2005 11:00 

"Don't take a chance – drive sober" or "Don't take a chance – stay sober on the sea". These are the responsible messages Carlsberg Sweden has introduced in June to the Swedish consumers on Pripps Blå bottles and cans as well as print campaigns in Swedish newspapers. Later in the year the campaign will be introduced alongside all brands produced by Carlsberg Sweden.


Carlsberg Sweden is the first among Swedish brewers to combine branding and responsible messages towards consumers.

When introducing the campaign 1 June 2005, Managing director Paul Bergqvist said: "Consumed in moderation our beers ads to the enjoyment and social gatherings of people, but we are also aware that our products can be misused and there are occasions where beer should not be consumed. Those who misuse alcohol create not just problems for themselves but also for people around and for the image of the brand consumed. This is why we introduce responsible messages with a view to informing our consumers, and not least the young adults, about responsible drinking and to help avoid harm caused by inappropriate drinking."