6/11/2004 11:15 

Carlsberg has been involved in football sponsorship since the 1970s and has an unrivalled commitment to the sport.
Carlsberg and football are natural partners: two global brands with a mass appeal that bring pleasure to millions. The company is dedicated to supporting football at all levels, from local amateurs to professionals at the highest levels of the game.

'Part of the Game' is the name of the campaign that ties the fans, all levels of football and Carlsberg together.

Football history
On a professional level, Carlsberg's first contact with football was its sponsorship of Denmark's national team and the country's national league, from 1979 – 87. The company was the first commercial sponsor of football in Denmark and was instrumental in establishing the professional game in its home country.

By the late 1980s, Carlsberg began looking for other football opportunities both inside and outside Europe, matching the Carlsberg brand's continued expansion. This has led to a long, successful partnership with UEFA.

Carlsberg's impressive track record in international football sponsorship to date includes:

  • the FIFA World Cup (Italia '90)
  • the UEFA European Football Championship (1988, '92, '96, 2000 and now 2004), 
  • the European Cup Winners Cup (1992, '93, '94, '98); 
  • the European Champions Clubs Cup (1992, '94);
  • the Champions League (1993, '94);
  • the UEFA Cup (1998, '99);
  • the UEFA Super Cup (1998, '99):
  • and the Carlsberg Cup in Hong Kong.