3/17/2005 11:00 

Carlsberg's Serbian subsidiary Celarevo will begin production of Tuborg Green at the brewery's recently modernised facilities in Celarevo. Celarevo is the first brewery in Serbia to launch an internationally recognized beer brand produced in Serbia. By kicking off local Tuborg Green production, Pivara Celarevo is raising the bar in terms of quality standards, which have been the focus of Carlsberg's investment program at the Serbian brewery beginning in 2004.

After a successful year for Pivara Celarevo's traditional brands, Lav and Lav Premium, Celarevo is moving on to add an international brand to its portfolio. At the same time, Celarevo is expanding the Lav and Lav Premium brand portfolio and focusing on new packaging for these brands.

During 2004 Carlsberg invested almost 12M Euros into modernisation of Celarevo's production facilities, expansion of distribution network and new bottles and crates for Lav.  

Tuborg will be produced in accordance to the original Tuborg Green recipe, using only the raw materials that are within a very tight specification. Quality standards in particular and each production batch are analyzed for physiochemical, microbiological and taste parameters by Carlsberg laboratories in Copenhagen before final product is released for sale.

Tuborg Green will be the official beer of several music festivals in Serbia this summer.