12/10/2004 10:00 

Carlsberg's Serbian Celarevo Brewery has signed an agreement to sponsor the Football Association of Serbia-Montenegro for the next four years.
Having adopted Carlsberg's long tradition of sponsoring football worldwide, Celarevo Brewery aims to help Serbia's national team in achieving the best results in important international competitions.

Celarevo's primary beer brand is Lav, which means lion. With the beer brands Lav and Lav Premium, Celarevo Brewery will supply the victorious spirit of the lion to the national football team of Serbia-Montenegro. The team will now be known as the Lion Hearts. The future victories of the Lion Hearts will be celebrated with Lav beer, which recently got a new look designed in line with the latest international standards. With the new design, Lav beer has received the real look of a "lion".

"Investing in sports, especially football, is an important part of our business strategy," says Boguslaw Bartczak, CEO of Celarevo Brewery. "Carlsberg has for years been sponsoring some of the most famous football clubs, e.g. Liverpool from England, and was also known as a supporter of the Danish League and their national football team in the past. This year, we are very proud to be among the major sponsors of the UEFA Cup," stresses Bartczak.

This latest venture by Celarevo Brewery proves that investing in major corporate sponsorships is about to become tradition in Serbia.