12/9/2004 15:00 

On December 8, the Croatian President Stjepan Mesic visited Carlsberg Croatia, where he highlighted the necessity for Croatia to become more competitive in order to attract more foreign investors like Carlsberg. To the press he stated that Carlsberg Croatia's efforts on environmental protection, good business practice, export increase and good relationships with staff and local community should be an example for all companies in Croatia.

At the meeting Jørn Pedersen, General Manager of Carlsberg Croatia, presented the company and used the opportunity to express the need for an urgent reduction of the extraordinary high excise duties on beer in Croatia and the need for an introduction of a more well functioning deposit system for beverage packaging.

Carlsberg Croatia has increased its year to date sales volume by 15% compared to last year. In November it had a market share of 13% and is currently the only brewery with increasing sales in Croatia.