10/25/2004 12:00 

The first TV commercial in Carlsberg's new global advertising campaign made its debut in several markets in July and August.

Poland, Cyprus and Germany became the first to air the Bell TV ad, with Switzerland Canada, Iceland and Singapore following in September, and other European and Asian markets due for launch in winter of 2004/05.

The idea builds on the successful Free Friend, Melody and last year's Subway TV commercial.

"The challenge we set ourselves after Subway was to find the 'big idea' that would enables us to develop several ads on the same idea through the next couple of years," says international brand manager Helle M. Petersen.

"The idea we settled on was that 'in the Carlsberg world there's no such thing as a quiet beer'. It's a powerful idea that brings our positioning 'Drink with a world of friends' to life, and can run and run."

The Bell ad shows Carlsberg drinkers settling down for a cool glass of Carlsberg when the doorbell rings. The door is opened to reveal an eager group of friends all carrying a Carlsberg wanting to come in and share the experience. "The idea follows on very nicely from our previous television commercials Free Friend and Subway, but distils it down into an idea that's simpler and more powerful for consumers, also enabling local markets to develop ads on the idea," says Helle M. Petersen.

The campaign also includes print ads that show situations where Carlsberg friends drop in unexpectedly.