5/24/2004 9:45 

Holsten-Brauerei AG of Hamburg is today celebrating its 125th anniversary.
Holsten is celebrating its anniversary with a historical exhibition for employees and guests, a party for its workforce and a Holsten Day of Friendship open to all comers. This will be held on 12 June on the Holstenstraße in front of the brewery and will feature an attractive show programme backed up by numerous stands offering beer and snacks.

The company was founded on 24 May 1879 and built its brewery on its present site in the town of Altona. Holsten grew rapidly by steadily increasing sales of its beer and also by acquiring other breweries in and around Hamburg.

Foreign business was started up only two years after the company's foundation and is still thriving in the form of exports to all parts of the world and production under licence in several continents.

The Hamburg company grew further after German reunification by acquiring two breweries in eastern Germany. In 1988, it swallowed its last competitor in Hamburg when it took over Bavaria-St. Pauli-Brauerei along with its Astra brand and its workforce.

With its subsequent acquisitions of König-Brauerei and Licher Brauerei, Holsten advanced in 2002 to the position of Germany's largest brewery group.

Following its acquisition by Carlsberg, Holsten is now concentrating on its beer business in northern and eastern Germany, and has sold its water business and its König and Licher subsidiaries.

Holsten has five breweries, selling the international premium brand Carlsberg alongside its own well-known brands like Holsten, Astra, Lübzer, Feldschlößchen and Duckstein.