9/29/2005 9:00 

The agency Fallon Hong Kong is launching a new campaign for Carlsberg Chill in China. Carlsberg Chill is targeted at young, cosmopolitan Asian consumers and has been specifically developed with the Chinese palate in mind, offering a lighter tasting beer.

The objective of the campaign is to showcase the unique drinking experience and character of Carlsberg Chill. The campaign dramatises the consumer’s inner personality by bringing one’s self to life when chilling out with friends and drinking Carlsberg Chill.

The TVC features two male friends unleashing their inner selves into hip alter egos on the dance floor of a trendy club while enjoying Carlsberg Chill. The two are having a blast when, to their surprise and amusement, their best friend unleashes his inner self as a cowgirl.

The execution is also supported similarly through a print and point of sale campaign.