4/25/2006 8:00 
The Jacobsen brewhouse has launched Jacobsen Camomile Dubbel as the fifth permanent variant in the Jacobsen portfolio.

Jacobsen Camomile Dubbel is brewed with camomile flowers, pale ale malt, pilsner malt, aroma malt, caramel rye malt, wheat malt and demarara sugar. It has an ABV of 7.5% and is located in the super premium segment.

According to brewmaster Jens Eiken, head of the Jacobsen brewhouse, Jacobsen Camomile Dubbel is part of the ambition to create a Nordic tradition for beer brewing. Therefore, part of the research in the development phase has focused on looking into ancient Nordic brewing traditions.
"We are not brewing a beer like in the old days. However, I think that we can create some exciting new beer types that fit the modern taste universe and gastronomy by looking into history and by using herbs, berries and fruits which a growing naturally in the Nordic countries", says Jens Eiken.

Jacobsen Camomile Dubbel has a red golden hue and a creamy dense "Café au Lait" coloured head. In the aroma you will find apple, toffee, hops and raisins. The beer has a medium body and a firm bitterness and a long bitter aftertaste.