4/22/2004 10:00 

Carlsberg Croatia has launched Pan beer in one-litre plastic bottles in supermarkets and shops across Croatia. The new Maxi Pan PET bottle is especially designed and produced by Carlsberg Croatia to meet the needs of the growing number of consumers of the brand.

Carlsberg Croatia has invested more than €2m in the last six months in upgrading its capacities in order to be able to provide its consumers with a wider choice of best quality brands and packages. Besides a new draught beer line, a new filling line has been constructed for filling Pan beer into the new plastic bottles.

Maxi Pan will also strengthen the growth of Pan, which was the fastest growing mainstream brand on the Croatian market in 2003.
The Maxi Pan bottle is sealed with a oxygen absorbing crown cork with a special gasket to prevent oxygen penetrating into the bottle enabling the beer to maintain its best taste for four months. The Pan labels are especially redesigned for the new Maxi Pan to follow international trends of using transparent material on plastic packaging.

"We are very proud that Croatian consumers have recognised the high quality of Pan and made it the fastest growing mainstream brand in Croatia. We are also happy to provide our consumers with a wider choice of packaging of their favourite beer,' said Jørn Pedersen, CEO of Carlsberg Croatia.