1/3/2011 14:00 

The Carlsberg Group has sold its Feldschlösschen* brewery in Dresden to Frankfurter Brauhaus GmbH. Frankfurter Brauhaus became the new owner on 1 January 2011 and has also taken over the responsibility of the 172 employees at the brewery and within logistics and sales support.

The sale is part of Carlsberg Deutschland’s strategy of focusing on five core brands in Northern Germany: Carlsberg, Holsten, Lübzer, Duckstein, and Astra.

As part of the transaction, Carlsberg Deutschland has signed co-operation agreements with Frankfurter Brauhaus regarding ongoing logistics and sales support in the Dresden area.

The Feldschlösschen brewery in Dresden has a total annual capacity of 1.9m hl.

The disposal results in a total non-cash loss of approximately DKK 130m which will be included in special items for 2010. The loss is not included in the 2010 earnings expectations of net profit growth at around 40%. The Carlsberg Group has received the cash proceeds from the disposal in 2011.

*This brewery should not be confused with Carlsberg’s Feldschlösschen Brewery in Switzerland.



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