The campaign builds on the on the cultural ‘FOMO’ trend, or ‘Fear of missing out’, and encouraging a positive attitude.

The campaign, which will launch later this month, is a fully integrated, 360 degree campaign, encompassing a new TVC, out of home print campaign, digital and point of purchase for the on- and off-trade.

‘Always Say Yes’ is the new global campaign for the brand reinforcing an image transformation that took place in 2012 and is seen as an important strategic move as the brand looks to build stronger links with its target consumers’ lifestyles.


Tuborg is a brand that is enjoyed all over the world for its easy going nature. It’s an easy drinking beer with an easy-opening ring pull cap and energising communication. Tuborg pushes the boundaries of cultural lifestyle ensuring it is always cutting-edge, making it relevant for the broad target audience and supports the brand strategic vision – to be a beacon brand in adult youth culture.

Positioning the beer as the brand for the ‘relentlessly curious,’ Tuborg’s new campaign uses the hook: ‘Never miss out. Just say Yes.’

The integrated campaign will use touch-points throughout consumers’ everyday life to reiterate the ‘Yes’ attitude to life. The TVC dramatizes a man’s decision making journey about whether or not to go out, and in a stylised and surreal way, his thoughts are brought to life in scenes of the most spectacular party, as he imagines that the party he’s said ‘no’ to turns out to be the party of his life. The message is clear – always say ‘Yes!’


As with all Tuborg activity, digital will play a significant role in the campaign. Characters from the TVC will be personified in social media and consumers will be able to interact with the content which is encouraging users to say ‘yes.’

Massimo Di Dia, VP international premium brands at Carlsberg Group, says: “This is the latest stage in Tuborg’s evolution to becoming a global brand leader for young adults. Tuborg has a unique role in their lives. Over the years, it has been present at those important moments in our consumers’ lives - from internationally renowned music festivals through to small intimate gigs and club nights. The next stage of the campaign plays on the notion that the next evening out could be the night of their lives.

“It showcases those moments that we know our consumers don’t want to miss out on. Tuborg is encouraging a positive attitude amongst our consumers by demonstrating the possibilities of saying ‘Yes!’

“The campaign plays into the ‘FOMO’ cultural trend that saying ‘yes’ means you are always restless, and never miss out. By saying ‘yes,’ opens up possibilities and makes things happen – and this is the ethos our Tuborg consumers have.”

The campaign was created by Amsterdam-based agency, Sid Lee, which was appointed last year. This is the first Tuborg campaign from the agency, which also works on another Carlsberg Group beer, Kronenbourg 1664.

Mac McDonald, CEO from Sid Lee said: “It was challenging and exciting task for the agency to create a new creative platform for Tuborg. We have developed a powerful and globally relevant insight-led ‘YES’ platform which has a strong potential to make brand famous.”

The multi-million Euro campaign will be implemented in markets in Western and Eastern Europe.

Tuborg is a truly cosmopolitan brand, present in more than 70 different countries. Globally, the brand demonstrates strong performance, growing and expanding its footprint, especially in Asia.