11/2/2001 9:10 

The BBH subsidiary Baltika Brewery has entered an agreement to acquire majority shareholding of the brewery Krinitsa situated in Minsk, Belarus. As part of the privatisation process the Board of Directors of Krinitsa will approve the agreement formally in December.

The present capacity of Krinitsa is 70 million litres of beer annually and the brewery is the market leader with a market share of approx. 21 per cent. The first phase of modernisation of the brewery, which will be completed next spring will among other things bring the brewery's quality of beer up to Western standards.

Belarus has a population of 10.2 million and the per capita consumption of beer is 26 litres per year. Throughout the last few years, the Belarus beer market has seen a moderate increase and total consumption is 270 million litres.

Facts about BBH

BBH is owned 50-50 by Carlsberg Breweries A/S and Oyj Hartwall Abp. The ac-quisition of Krinitsa brings the number of breweries owned by BBH to a total of 12, of which three are in the Baltics, seven are in Russia and two are in Ukraine. Furthermore BBH holds shares in five malting plants.

Further information:
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