3/8/2001 12:00 

The annual general meeting of Carlsberg A/S took place earlier today in Tivoli's Concert Hall in accordance with the enclosed agenda.

The report and the annual accounts were approved as well as the Supervisory Board's proposal regarding the distribution of the profit for the year, including a 27 per cent shareholder dividend.

During his verbal report, the Chairman expressed the management's expectations regarding the future profit development of the company and this report is also en-closed.

The General Meeting authorised the Supervisory Board to acquire own shares, cf. Section 48 of the Danish Companies Act.

The Board of Directors' proposal to change Article 1, Article 9, sub-article 1 and article 13, sub-article 1 of the Articles of Association was approved.

As proposed by the Board of Directors, Poul Chr. Matthiessen, Professor, D.Econ., Palle Marcus, Managing Director and Jens Bigum, Managing Director were re-elected.

As proposed by the Board of Directors, the auditing firms KPMG C. Jespersen and PricewaterhouseCoopers were re-elected as auditors.

At a subsequent Board Meeting, the Board of Directors elected Poul Chr. Matthi-essen, Professor, D. Econ, as chairman and Palle Marcus, Managing Director as Deputy Chairman.