11/13/2002 10:00 

Portfolio of own shares

As previously announced, Carlsberg A/S has launched a repurchase of own shares within a framework of maximum DKK 1bn.

The repurchase will be carried out in the market on an ongoing basis during the period until the next Annual General Meeting.

In accordance with the Danish Securities Trading Act, section 28, it is hereby notified that Carlsberg A/S now is holding own shares of 1,557,838 A-shares and 1,241,127 B-shares corresponding to 4.4% of the Company's total share capital.

In our latest notification, cf. announcement to the Copenhagen Stock Exchange of September 5, 2002, Carlsberg A/S' portfolio of own shares accounted for 2.1% of the total share capital.



Per Brøndum Andersen, CFO
Telephone: +45 3327 2727