5/23/2002 12:45 

Carlsberg Breweries A/S increases its shareholding in the Panonska brewery to 80 per cent by acquiring Podravka Food Industries' 40 per cent shareholding. The purchasing price is approx. USD 11 million. With this acquisition, Carlsberg Breweries wants to secure greater influence on the future development of the brewery. IØ (Investment Fund for Central and Eastern Europe) owns the remaining 20 per cent of the share capital.
Carlsberg's history in Croatia and its co-operation with Podravka date back to 1971, when an agreement regarding the brewing and marketing of Tuborg beer was entered. In 1995, Carlsberg acquired a 40 per cent shareholding in Panonska.
In order to extend the capacity, approx. USD 50 million was invested in 1977 in a modern and efficient brewery, which was built by Danbrew Ltd. A/S. A subsidiary of Carlsberg Breweries.

2001 Facts





USD 40.3 million

Production, beer

396,000 hl

Market share

11 per cent

Per capita consumption

74 litres

Number of employees


Beer brands

Tuborg, Kaj, PAN, Podravka Pivo


Further information
Paul Bergqvist, Executive Vice President 
(+45) 33 27 20 60
Margrethe Skov, Public Affairs Director
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