10/19/2004 10:00 

Carlsberg Sweden AB has entered into an agreement to sell its brewery property in Bromma to the Stockholm Municipality for SEK 375 million. The transfer of the prop-erty will take place on 31 December 2004.

Furthermore, Carlsberg Sweden has arranged to rent offices and warehouses at Bromma from the Municipality for functions such as sales, marketing, and logistics.
Through this sale, Carlsberg A/S will realize an accounting profit which will be in-cluded in 'special items' in the Q4 financial statement. The profit is as expected and included in the previously stated expectations for 2004.

In November 2003, the Board of Directors of Carlsberg Sweden decided to transfer the production of beer and soft drinks from the Bromma brewery near Stockholm to Falkenberg and to a lesser degree to Copenhagen. The transfer of the production has gradually been taking place and the process is expected to be completed during October 2004.

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