9/22/1997 11:00 

The Supervisory Board of Carlsberg A/S has approved a new organization to take effect as per 1 October 1997 with the following principal elements:

In future, production, sales and distribution in Denmark of Carlsbergís leading brands, Carlsberg and Tuborg, will be grouped in an independent division comprising the production sites: Carlsberg in Copenhagen, Fredericia Bryggeri in Fredericia and Wiibroes Bryggeri in Elsinore. The division having its own Accounting, Personnel and Edp department, will be run by a new-established division consisting of Mr. Lars Kjær, who is appointed head of Division, Mr. Mogens Jønck and Mr. S. E. Albrethsen.

Subsequently, Carlsbergís business units/divisions will consist of:

  • Denmark
  • The Nordic countries and Eastern Europe (Mr. Finn Jakobsen, Vice President)
  • Central Europe (manager to be appointed)
  • Asia, North and South America and Africa (A. Raaschou-Nielsen, Vice President)
  • U.K. Carlsberg-Tetley (Mr. Ebbe Dinesen, Managing Director)
  • Exports (Mr. Mogens Thomsen, Vice President).

Carlsbergís activities in the soft drinks area will as previously announced be concentrated i Coca-Cola Nordic Beverages A/S (Mr. Svend Ivan Petersen, Managing Director).

Carlsbergís non-beverage activities will be run directly by the Group Management.

In connection with the above organizational changes it has been arranged that Mr. Sven G. Petersen, who in accordance with Carlsbergís established practice will retire at the end of 1998, will be in charge of the overall management of Carlsbergís research, development and quality control.

Consequently, as from 1 January 1999 Carlsbergís Management and Group Management will consist of Mr. Flemming Lindeløv, President and Group CEO, Mr. Michael C. Iuul and Mr. Walther Paulsen. Mr. B. Grosen Rasmussen (Risk Management and Environment) retires at the end of 1997, but will be available for special tasks for Mr. Sven G. Petersen for a period after his retirement.

Mr. Ole Andreasen will take over the position as information manager in Royal Copenhagen. However, his attachment to Carlsberg will not be entirely severed in as much as he will undertake special assignments for the Group Management including the membership of the board of the Tuborg Foundation.