11/1/2000 8:00 

Combio A/S is a new company based on patented technology developed at the Carlsberg Laboratory. The company is founded by Carlsberg A/S, senior scientist Morten Meldal, MPM Holding ApS, CEO Søren Mouritsen, Jekoman ApS and Kjell Stenberg, formerly Director at AstraZeneca, and they will all continue as shareholders.

Carlsberg A/S is the largest, single shareholder holding approx. 27 per cent of the share capital. Other investors include Medicon Valley Capital as lead investor, Novo A/S, Lønmodtagernes Dyrtidsfond (LD Pension), and Dansk Kapitalanlæg - they have contributed a total amount of DKK 60m to the new biotechnology company Combio A/S. In the long term it will be considered whether Combio A/S should be listed.

Combio A/S has patented a new technology, which will be used together with combinatorial chemistry to identify compounds for new pharmaceuticals, particularly enzyme inhibitors - compounds which will limit the impact of vira, bacteria and parasites. Initially, the company will take advantage of its know-how and technology to enter into co-operation agreements with pharmaceutical companies regarding identification of potential compounds for new pharmaceuticals.

Kjell Stenberg will take up the position as new CEO at the beginning of 2001. Combio A/S expects to recruit 20 new employees during the first couple of years. The company will move to Hørsholm Forskerpark north of Copenhagen, as soon as suitable premises become available, and until then Combio will rent premises at the Carlsberg Research Center.

The Board of Directors of Combio A/S will be as follows:

Research Director Klaus Bock (Chairman), Carlsberg A/S, Director of Corporate Research & Development Claus Bræstrup, H. Lundbeck A/S, CEO Søren Mouritsen, M&E Biotech A/S, Director Søren Carlsen, Novo A/S, Investment Manager Helena Bøttkjær, MVC Medicon Valley Capital, and Senior Investment Manager Arne Gilling, Dansk Kapitalanlæg.

Morten Meldal will be chairman of the company's Scientific Advisory Board. He is senior scientist at the Carlsberg Laboratory and head of the Center for Solid Phase Organic Combinatorial Chemistry (SPOCC) established by the Danish National Research Foundation.


Further information

President and CEO Flemming Lindeløv
Carlsberg A/S
+45 33 27 33 27

Research Director Klaus Bock
Carlsberg A/S
+45 33 27 52 20

Information meeting for the press and analysts:
Wednesday 1 November at 14.00 at the Carlsberg Research Center, Gammel Carlsberg Vej 10, Valby, Denmark.