2/20/2002 16:00 

Per Brøndum Andersen will be taking over as CFO instead of Jesper Bærnholdt, who will be assuming other tasks in Carlsberg A/S.

The reason for this change is that it is of the utmost importance to the company that shareholders, investors, financial analysts and other stakeholders have full confi-dence in that they all have equal access to important information on Carlsberg. Please note in this connection that Carlsberg A/S immediately has tightened its rules regarding contact to financial analysts and the market as such.

Per Brøndum Andersen is 47 years old and holds a degree as chartered accountant. In 1986, he joined Carlsberg A/S and was later promoted to Vice President, Account-ing. In 2000, he became CFO of Coca-Cola Nordic Beverages a/s.

Further information:
Margrethe Skov,
Public Affairs Director:
(+45) 33 27 14 10