5/17/1998 9:00 

  • Offer price set at DKK 300 per share
  • Subscribed for more than twice at the offer price

On the basis of binding orders and indications of interest received at the close of business on Friday, 15 May 1998, Carlsberg A/S today decided to terminate the offering period for the offer of 1,879,534 shares in Brewery Group Denmark A/S (Bryggerigruppen A/S). The offer was met with considerable interest by investors in Denmark and elsewhere.

After discussions with Den Danske Bank as Lead Manager, Carlsberg A/S has decided upon determining the offer price at DKK 300 per share. At this price, more than 5,000 investors have applied for shares and the offer has been subscribed for more than twice.

With demand exceeding the number of shares offered, a reduction of the orders received has been necessary, in accordance with the following guidelines:

Offers for purchase of up to and including 5,000 shares or a consideration of DKK 2 million will be allotted to as follows:

  • Orders up to and including 45 shares will be allotted to in full; and
  • Orders exceeding 45 shares will be allotted 45 shares plus 35 per cent. of the remaining order

Indications of interest for more than 5,000 shares or a consideration of more than DKK 2 million have been allotted to on an individual basis.

Registration of the shares allotted on the purchaser's account with the Danish Securities Centre against payment will be effected on Friday, 22 May, 1998.

Private investors have shown significant interest in the Brewery Group shares and thus 33 per cent. of the offer has been allotted to such investors. 19 per cent. of the total offer has been placed with non-Danish investors.