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Language: Danish (Denmark)
Location: Copenhagen
Date: 1904-01-20
Author: Jacobsen, Laura
Recipient: Jacobsen, Helge
Keywords: King Christian 9. The Iroquois Theatre;
Comments: Letter to H. J. in Chicago. L. J. mentions a terrible accident from which God protected Helge and Vagn. She does not say which accident but it must be The Iroquois Theater Fire on December 30, 1903 in Chicago, Illinois which was the deadliest single-building fire in U.S. history (Wikipedia). Laura asks Helge to inform his father about the weather in Chicago in April and May when Carl had decided to go there. Laura says that Carl has aged since the death of Ottilia and that he misses her very much and so does herself. L. J. tells about the return of King Christian 9th. who had been to the silver weeding of his daughter Duchess Thyra at Gmunden. The streets were crowded with greeting people. The King was accompanied by his son Valdemar and Duchess Thyra. L. J. mentions Jakob (Brask) Nanna and Richard
Emneord: Kong Christian 9; The Iroquois Theatre;
Attachments: document2009-08-10-120639.pdf
Archive Reference: CA 000031960/000007644. CM 145/1984