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Language: Danish (Denmark)
Location: Copenhagen
Date: 1898-09-05
Author: Jacobsen, Laura
Recipient: Jacobsen, Helge
Keywords: Childhood
Comments: Letter to Helge with thanks for birthday greetings. Helge was missed at her birthday party and Carls J. is silent and will not that it can been seen that he misses his son too. The Ussings and Johannes and Sophie Stenstrup were the only guests apart from the family at the party. Laura mentions that she also was home sick when she was sent away to school in Viborg when she was only 10 years.
Emneord: Barndom
Attachments: Brev til Helge 18980905.pdf
Kommentarer: Brev til Helge med tak for fødselsdagshilsen. Helge var savnet ved fødselsdagsselskabet. Carl J. alvorlig og vil ikke at det skal ses at han savner sin søn. Ussings, Johannes og Sophie Stenstrup var udover familien de eneste gæster. Laura omtaler at hun også havde hjemve da hun blev sendt i skole i Viborg som 10-årig.
Archive Reference: CA 000031960/000007644. CM 131/1984