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Language: English
Location: Copenhagen
Date: 1875-10-21
Author: Jacobsen, Jacob Christian
Recipient: Tupper and Co., Birmingham
Keywords: Mellembryggeriet;
Comments: Order of building materials. From copy book.
Emneord: Mellembryggeriet;
Attachments: 1875-10-21 brev til Tupper and Co., Birmingham, kopibog.pdf
Kommentarer: Bestilling af byggematerialer. Fra kopibog.
Copenhagen 21 October 1875

Messrs Tupper & Camp
As I have been informed that Mr. Ginham in London no more is your agent, it may perhaps necessary to repeat directly an order which I have adressed to him the 13th September but which probably not has reache you.
This order demanded as soon as possible by steamer to Copenhagen:
300 best galvanized corrugated Sheets. 24 W.G., 7 feet length
300 -         -                -              -           -         6 feet   -
with the necessary quantity of Rivets etc. and
160 feet of galvanized 15 inch Ridging.
The amount of your invoice will be paid by Messrs Westenholz Brothers in London.
I am Gentlemen
Yours truly
J. C. Jacobsen
Archive Reference: FA. Kopibog. Kasse F 18